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  • GI-MAP – DNA Stool Analysis

    NEW – Enhanced Reporting for Improved Clinical Utility!

    • Updated Graphical Reporting
    • Expanded Dysbiosis & Commensal Sections
    • New Microbes & Biomarker Added

    The Leader in Comprehensive Stool Analysis by qPCR

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    GI-MAP Box

  • Advanced Organic Acids & Amino Acids Profile!

    OMX - Organic Metabolomics

    Offers Enhanced Insights into Metabolic Status

    • Metabolic Processing
    • Amino Acid & Protein Metabolism
    • Nutrition
    • Stress & Mood
    • Toxic Impact
    • Microbial Metabolites

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    An Advanced Organic Acids and Amino Acids Profile

  • Metabolomics Masterclass Series

    Presentation Now Available On Demand

    Applied Metabolomics with OMX Testing

    Case Study Review

    Presented by Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP


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  • October 2022 Fee Schedule Update

    Test Affordability at a Great Value

    Test affordability and accessibility is a priority for us. For this reason, we haven't raised the cost of our testing since 2015. We've kept the increase as low as possible to continue to achieve our goal of providing you the testing you love at a great value.

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We provide a unique array of testing to help equip gastroenterologists. From our Pathogens Profile to our H.pylori gastric biopsy testing, we have expanded upon the familiar to include novel diagnostic tools such as virulence factors and antibiotic resistance genes.



Our research and technology is advancing the field of personalized medicine. Using true quantitative PCR DNA analysis coupled with ongoing educational and technical support, we provide our practitioners the tools to help patients in ways that others cannot.


Scientific Support

The science behind our testing. Read the GI-MAP white paper, see sample reports, and learn from peer reviewed articles.

Additional educational materials may be found in our Resource Library.


Are You a New GI-MAP User?

Get all the basics by watching this informative GI-MAP Overview!

GI-MAP – Revolutionizing the Comprehensive Stool Analysis
Microscopy and culture-based tests are familiar, but they have limitations with sensitivity, specificity, and identifying anaerobic organisms. That is why almost no peer-reviewed research studies have used microscopy and culture-based testing methods in over 20 years.


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  • GI-MAP White Paper & Interpretive Guide
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Tony Hoffman, CEO
“At Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, we’re not content with the range of clinical testing currently available to practitioners. We believe that every patient should achieve optimal health, and we’re driven to give clinicians the tools to do so. Our mission, therefore, is to use our resources to bring the most advanced, innovative, and clinically relevant testing to healthcare providers worldwide.”
Tony Hoffman, CEO