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Congratulations, this is amazing! I was starting to get fed up with the other tests on the market which are clearly not all based on DNA analysis. Thank you for doing this!
- Michael Jurgelewicz, DC, DACBN, DCBCN

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We appreciate your kind words and customer loyalty. We don't take our partnership with you for granted, and work to earn your trust with every test we run! This is just a sampling of the customer testimonials we get everyday via consults, phone calls, and social media.


"I love utilizing the #GIMAP stool test…"

Dr. Marie Agnew

"Did you know that certain bacteria living in your gut can be potential autoimmune triggers? […] When indicated, I love utilizing the #GIMAP stool test, which will show if these are present among others such as pathogenic bacteria, opportunistic bacteria, fungi/yeast (which is super common!), viruses, parasites, worms and levels of normal bacteria.

Utilizing this information, we can further support strong and optimal gut health. 💪😊 More and more science is emerging that proves how important optimal gut health really is!"

"I'm loving the use of GI-MAP by @dxsolutionslab…"

Dr. Corina Dunlap

"So how can we support the estrobolome? Start by identifying what is going on with your gut health. Many practitioners can test to find out and then treat accordingly. I'm loving the use of GI-MAP by @dxsolutionslab. Using this test alongside an understanding of my patient's history helps me do the detective work of putting all the pieces together in order to create an effective treatment plan."

"Protocol Success!!!…"


"Protocol Success!!! My client had H. pylori 🦠 plus the little parasite 🐛 that likes to tag along with him, blastocystis hominis. Five months later, free from both using an herbal protocol. 👊💥 @dxsolutionslab. #gimap"


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"That's why I use the GI-MAP from @dxsolutionslab…"

Maria Claps, FDN and Certified Health Coach

"If you've got pathogenic organisms taking up residence in you, these things actually create their own inflammatory chemicals. That's why I use the GI-MAP from @dxsolutionslab with every single client."


"I recommend the GI-MAP test…"

Dr. Lisa Heisman Morse

"I recommend the GI-MAP test, which uses DNA analysis of the bugs to assess if one is over abundant or good bugs are lacking. It also checks digestive function and antibodies to gluten. Consider a GI-MAP if you have any sort of health challenge!"


Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is CLIA Certified

In addition to our internal quality control and validation processes, Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is CLIA certified. CLIA certification ensures that our laboratory meets or exceeds U.S. standards set for laboratory excellence.