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Cytomegalovirus Promotes Intestinal Inflammation by Blocking Anti-Inflammatory Signaling in Macrophages

NEW RESEARCH Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is prevalent worldwide, infecting an estimated 60% of the population in developed countries, and up to 100% of the population in developing countries.[1] Infection can occur at any age; in the US, up to 25% of children are infected by the age of five,... read more »

Common Gene Variant Predisposes to Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Implications for Precision Therapies   Overview The small intestinal brush border enzyme sucrase-isomaltase (SI) plays a critical role in carbohydrate digestion A common variant in the gene encoding SI was shown to be strongly associated with an increased risk of IBS  The SI gene variant was shown... read more »

Understanding Calprotectin and Lab-Specific Reference Ranges

by Heather Vatter, PhD What is Calprotectin? Calprotectin is a 36 kDa heterodimeric calcium bind protein that comprises approximately 60% of the cytosolic proteins present in inflammatory cells. Therefore, during intestinal inflammation, calprotectin quantification can be used to measure the... read more »