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DSL Academy

DSL Academy (DSLA) is an exclusive, online learning platform designed to help you better interpret the GI-MAP and OMX® Organic Metabolomics tests. The DSLA curriculum is taught by the Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory Medical Education Team and is available to all active DSL account holders.*

The educational materials in DSLA will build your knowledge and grow your confidence in interpreting your patient's lab reports. Insights will increase your personalized medicine skillset and help you optimize patient outcomes using testing from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. 

DSL Academy Course Curriculum

  • GI-MAP Essentials – A comprehensive knowledge base that covers all the microbes and intestinal health markers included on the GI-MAP, their clinical implications, test interpretation, case studies and more.
  • H. pylori Masterclass – A clinical deep dive that offers insight into the clinical manifestations of H. pylori, its virulence factors, natural and conventional treatments, pediatrics, and protocol building.
  • OMX Organic Metabolomics – A review of key biochemical pathways involved in metabolomics so you can better interpret results when monitoring the potential for or progression of chronic disease.
  • Metabolic Signatures Using OMX Organic Metabolomics – Learn to identify the metabolic signatures associated with aging, depression, metabolic dysfunction, and more.
  • GI-MAP Live Interactive Training – These classes are live virtual training sessions with like-minded colleagues. The goal is to be highly interactive. These classes are not webinar-based or lecture-based learning modules. Registration dates for live training are available upon login.

About Enrollment

We will enroll active account holders into DSL Academy by request only. When approved and enrolled, we will email students with the login credentials needed to begin taking classes.

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DSL Academy

DSL Academy Enrollment Request Form

* To be eligible, account holders must have placed an order for at least one test from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory within the past twelve months. Enroll using the form below and one of our team members will be happy to assist.

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