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COVID-19 Update


NOTICE: Testing Options Now Available


A Message from the Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory Leadership Team

The SARS-CoV 2 virus that causes (COVID-19) is the world's biggest concern right now.

During these difficult times, we are prioritizing the safety of our staff and community.

We are also taking our commitment to the healthcare testing industry very seriously, and we have committed to offering COVID-19 testing to hospitals and public health institutions. Here's what we want you to know:

1. We are Prioritizing Safety, but Remaining Open

We completely support the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and their recommendations about containing the spread of COVID-19. In that spirit, we are encouraging many employees to work from home to increase social distancing.

However, the laboratory is receiving specimens, running tests, and reporting results as normal. GI-MAP® turnaround time will not be affected. Our Customer Service, Billing, and Clinical Education teams are still working to provide you the service you've come to depend on.

2. We Drop-Ship Kit Orders Directly to Patients

Although in some cases much of your normal business may be interrupted, there are still many options to continue offering quality healthcare to your clients via telemedicine. Our testing kits can be shipped directly to your patients. The CDC has made it clear that the people most at risk of COVID-19 complications are those with underlying health conditions. We know that many of your patients may fall into that category. Drop shipping testing kits to patients allows them to stay home and promotes social distancing for them, you, and your staff.

Patients who receive drop-shipped tests can easily collect their specimen at home and send it back to the lab for immediate processing. If you have any questions about the drop-ship process, please call us at 877-485-5336.

Drop Ship Tests Kits Directly to Your Patients

3. We Are Making a Difference by Offering a COVID-19 Assay to Hospitals

With the demand for COVID-19 testing burdening the public healthcare sector, DSL has responded by committing a great deal of time and resources to developing a COVID-19 Assay that will help alleviate the burden of testing demands.

We have a highly skilled staff of experienced molecular scientists, giving us a unique opportunity – and responsibility – to assist with this crisis.


COVID-19 Assay

As a high complexity laboratory specializing in molecular testing, we are in the position to offer hospitals and other healthcare institutions a COVID-19 Assay. Our LDT COVID-19 Assay launched on Friday, March 13, and it has been submitted to the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Our COVID-19 Assay was created to ease the burden on public health institutions, and is not available for ordering by clinicians at this time.

Read the Press Release announcing our COVID-19 Assay.

We are confident that this health crisis will soon pass, and things will return to normal. Until then, please remain vigilant in combating the spread of this disease, and take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of your families.


In Good Health,


Tony Hoffman - CEO

Tony Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer


David M. Brady - CMO

Chief Medical Officer

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