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Antibody Responses in COVID-19

Implications for Understanding Antibody Testing

Antibody testing plays an important role in monitoring viral exposure and immune responses in the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion surrounding COVID-19 antibody testing and interpretation of results.

In this webinar, we will cover key aspects of antibody responses in COVID-19, which is essential for understanding both the clinical role of antibody testing, as well as the interpretation of test results.

Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

Presented by Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

Tom is a clinical laboratory consultant, translational science expert, functional nutrition practitioner, educator, and speaker. He is a former biomedical research scientist with deep expertise in the role of the human microbiome in health, chronic disease, and aging. As a leading expert in translational applications of microbiome research in functional medicine and integrative health settings, Tom’s primary focus is on providing educational resources and consulting services for practitioners, and consulting and advisory services for clinical testing laboratories. On a limited basis, he also works with individual clients to improve gastrointestinal health and optimize healthspan.