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Beyond SIBO: The Small Intestinal Microbiome in Health and Disease

In recent decades, it has become evident that the microbial communities that colonize the digestive tract impact health profoundly. Due to its relative inaccessibility, the small intestinal microbiome has been less well-studied than the microbiomes present in the oral cavity and large intestine.

However, research advances over the past few years have begun to yield exciting new insights into the role of small intestinal microbes – including normal commensals and opportunistic pathogens – in a variety of diseases and conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome, food sensitivities and intolerances, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, and many others.

In addition, research into the small intestinal microbiome is contributing to the development of a more integrative, systems-biology view of important interactions among the microbiome, digestive physiology, and mucosal immunity all along the digestive tract.

In this webinar hosted by our friends at Integrative Practitioner, Tom Fabian, Ph.D., CNTP, explains how comprehensive gut health testing using the GI-MAP test, combined with this emerging holistic understanding of the microbiome of the digestive tract, can help practitioners gain deeper clinical insights into their patients’ gastrointestinal health status.

Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

Presented by Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

Tom is a leading expert on the role of the human microbiome in health, chronic disease, and aging. As a translational scientist, his primary focus is on the clinical application of research in the areas of the microbiome and mucosal immunology in the functional and integrative medicine space. He has worked with early-stage biotechnology companies as a research scientist, and more recently, as a consultant for microbiome and clinical testing companies, including Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. He also serves as a scientific advisor for nutraceutical company Designs for Health. In addition, Tom provides consulting and educational services for functional medicine and integrative health practitioners. His doctoral training at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and postdoctoral training at the University of Utah were focused on the molecular biology of aging and longevity. He is also certified as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner by the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver.

Presented: October 12, 2023.


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