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Developments in Metabolomics – Dietary Insights & Impacts for Clinical Practice

Precision nutrition utilizes -omics techniques to personalize diets. Organic metabolomic testing plays a key role in clinical practice. It identifies current individual biological status that reflects diet, lifestyle, genetics, and gut bacteria to reveal a patient’s metabolic signature.

Different foods and diets are associated with specific metabolic fingerprints. For example, vegetarian diets are generally higher in citrate, while the Western diet is associated with high levels of branched-chain amino acids and aromatic amino acids. During this presentation, Betsy Redmond, Ph.D., MMSc, RDN, will discuss the latest research on the impact different types of diets have on patient health.

While dietary assessment remains an important tool, incorporating organic metabolomics testing into clinical practice can help practitioners optimize outcomes by identifing how foods and nutrients are processed, their impact on the gut microbiome, and an individual’s specific nutrient needs.

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Betsy Redmond, Ph.D., MMSc, RDN

Presented by Betsy Redmond, Ph.D., MMSc, RDN

Dr. Betsy Redmond is a private practice nutritionist and education specialist who uses a systems biology approach in diagnosing and treating nutritional issues. She is both conventionally trained with a Masters' degree in clinical nutrition from Emory University and a doctorate in nutrition from the University of Georgia. Dr. Redmond has over 15 years' experience in functional laboratory research and education, as well as involvement with Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Betsy tries to provide translational application by relating known and current research with clinical application. She believes that clinical application should go beyond what is assumed and include current knowledge to better optimize health.

She provides nutrition assessment and education workshops in her private practice, works in education at Diagnostic Solutions. Before working in functional medicine, Dr. Redmond worked in university research and public health programs.