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Hormonal Dysfunction Through the Genomic Lens

Personalizing Hormonal Function

The human endocrine system is one of the most complex in the body with multiple exogenous and endogenous inputs having various influences on the output, essentially creating our male or female hormonal picture.

Experienced practitioners can attest that individuals each respond quite differently to hormones based on those we make endogenously and those made exogenously – such as in hormone replacement therapy including thyroid hormone, oral contraceptives and bioidentical hormones.

The variation we see in response to hormones is largely influenced by our biochemical individuality, which is largely influenced by our genetic makeup. With GenomicInsight®, we have the ability to peek inside of the genome. Doing so allows us not only to better understand various SNPs in the metabolism and synthesis of hormones, but also understand how these various compounds may react at the receptor level.

By learning how to manipulate our SNPs and genome via various interventions, we can optimize hormonal function, and also have a deeper insight into the prevention and management of hormonal dysfunction in men and women.

Ralph Esposito, ND

Presented by Ralph Esposito, ND

Dr. Esposito is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner specializing in integrative urology, men’s health and nutrigenomics. His precise and personalized style utilizes a systems biology and precision medicine approach to medicine.

In addition to advising as a peer reviewer for medical journals, he has authored several medical textbook chapters and has designed education modules for health professionals specifically on urological conditions, male and female hormone dysfunction, hypogonadism, exercise, men’s health and sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Esposito has trained under Dr. Peter D’Adamo, originator of Opus23®, at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine at the University of Bridgeport, and at NYU Integrative and Functional Urology Center. He holds a position as adjunct professor at New York University where he lectures on integrative medicine. Currently, Dr. Esposito serves as a medical consultant and research analyst.