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Pediatrics and GI-MAP - Assessing Gut Health in Children

Join Amy Rolfsen, ND, as she teaches how to use the GI-MAP test in pediatric and infant patients.

Infants and children suffering from gut dysfunction may present with a constellation of symptoms, including allergies, eczema, cognitive impairments and more. In this presentation, Dr. Rolfsen will use case studies and research to help you use the GI-MAP test to find root causes of symptoms for your youngest patients

Watch to learn about:

  • Testing GI-MAP at every age – when to test, when not to test, and what to consider at every age
  • Evolution of the microbiome in the first few years
  • Test interpretation and reference range considerations for babies and toddlers
  • Treatment considerations for infants and children
Amy Rolfsen, ND

Presented by Amy Rolfsen, ND

Dr. Amy Rolfsen is a naturopathic doctor and medical consultant. Her areas of clinical interest and expertise are; women’s wellness, children’s health, immunology and gastrointestinal health. Dr. Rolfsen is continually working on mastering her craft. She is drawn to gentle, non-invasive techniques and will incorporate a combination of nutrition, botanicals, Chinese medicine, manual therapies, energetic therapies and pharmaceuticals, tailoring treatment plans to each individual.


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Research indicates that gut health impacts every area of human health.

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