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Practice Building Secrets for Successful Functional Medicine Practitioners

Getting started with lab testing presents many clinical and business challenges. Dr. Dan Kalish will address them all and help you avoid predictable roadblocks to practice building.

Watch this video to learn Dr. Kalish's "3 P's Model" of practice building, “The Practitioner, the Patient and the Practice.” This business development model will help you optimize outcomes for your patients while you build a strong and successful clinical practice using the following functional medicine lab tests:

  • GI-MAP™ | GI Microbial Assay Plus
  • OMX™ | Organic Metabolomics
  • IgG Food Explorer™

Dr. Kalish shares case studies and practical business tips that will help you forge a thriving functional medicine clinic.

Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP

Presented by Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP

Dr. Daniel Kalish is dedicated to teaching doctors Functional Medicine philosophy and practices. Through The Kalish Institute’s educational programs, he has trained over 1,000 practitioners worldwide in The Kalish Method, which solves patient challenges through a proven lab-based approach.

In May 2016, a research study published by two Mayo Clinic researchers confirmed the efficacy of the Kalish Method, showing significant improvements in GI health and quality of life in the study participants. The study was based on Dr. Kalish’s model of Functional Medicine based on 25 years of successful clinical results.


Results You Can Rely On

Research indicates that gut health impacts every area of human health.

GI-MAP - DNA Stool Analysis by Quantitative PCR

Optimal health – it all starts with the GI-MAPComprehensive DNA Stool Analysis via qPCR.

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