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Restoring Intestinal Barrier Function During Aging with Insights from GI-MAP

Aging is characterized by alterations in the various components of the intestinal barrier — including microbial dysbiosis and a decline in epithelial regenerative capacity — that result in reduced barrier function. This aging-related decline in intestinal barrier function promotes chronic low-grade systemic inflammation that is characteristic of many age-related diseases.

Our friends at Integrative Practitioner hosted Dr. Tom Fabian for this information-packed webinar where he discussed how a comprehensive gut health assessment with GI-MAP can provide important, clinically-actionable insights into intestinal barrier status. These clinical insights can help guide practitioners in the application of specific diet and lifestyle interventions to help patients maintain or restore intestinal barrier function during aging.

Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

Presented by Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP

Tom is a leading expert on the role of the human microbiome in health, chronic disease, and aging. As a translational scientist, his primary focus is on the clinical application of research in the areas of the microbiome and mucosal immunology in the functional and integrative medicine space. He has worked with early-stage biotechnology companies as a research scientist, and more recently, as a consultant for microbiome and clinical testing companies, including Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. He also serves as a scientific advisor for nutraceutical company Designs for Health. In addition, Tom provides consulting and educational services for functional medicine and integrative health practitioners. His doctoral training at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and postdoctoral training at the University of Utah were focused on the molecular biology of aging and longevity. He is also certified as a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner by the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver.

Presented: April 13, 2023.


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