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Understanding Common Dysbiosis Patterns with GI-MAP

A healthy gut microbiome is essential for normal intestinal and immune function. Imbalances in the microbiome, known as dysbiosis, have been linked to large and growing list of chronic conditions and diseases. In this webinar, you will learn how to recognize some of the most common dysbiosis... read more »

Managing Leaky Gut and Co-Occurring Infections: Sequencing Treatment for Optimal Outcomes

Health Optimization with the GI-MAP™Part Four of a Four-Part Series Now Available On-demand Intestinal permeability (leaky gut) is a common clinical presentation that often co-occurs with other infections, such as H. pylori, candida, and parasites. In this presentation, Dr. Dan Kalish... read more »

Is Functional Medicine Stool Testing Validated?

June 2, 2021 Important Updates on Stool Testing for Gut Health with Dr. Michael Ruscio, Dr. David Brady, and Tony Hoffman. Functional medicine stool testing can be a helpful tool when it comes to uncovering gut health issues or imbalances in bacteria that might be contributing to bloating,... read more »

DSL Video Response to DDI Funded Study

Duration 6:14 Getting to the Bottom of What It All Means A qualitative assay (reporting only Positive/Negative results) cannot be used to determine the sensitivity of a quantitative assay (which reports numbers of detected organisms at levels as low as 10 cells/gram of stool). The BioFire and... read more »

Yeast Overgrowth – Triggers and Treatments

Learn More About GI-MAP Health Optimization with the GI-MAP™Part Three of a Four-Part Series Now Available On-demand Candida and yeast overgrowth cause a variety of symptoms that may not initially be attributed to gut health. Candida and yeast infection symptoms may include brain fog,... read more »


  How to Interpret β-Glucuronidase on the GI-MAP and Strategies to Decrease It Watch this brief presentation as Clinical Educator, Lisa Pomeroy explains the role beta-glucuronidase plays in detoxification, hormonal health, and dysbiosis. The GI-MAP report provides quantitative results... read more »

The Gut-Bladder Connection - Illuminating Chronic Urinary Conditions with Advanced Stool Testing

Join Dr. Amy Rolfson for an compelling presentation on the gut-bladder connection hosted by our friends at Integrative Practitioner. Dr. Rolfsen explains the role stool testing plays in managing and healing chronic bladder conditions. Learn about this critical paradigm and learn how the... read more »

The GI Microbiome and Autoimmunity – What Are the Connections, and Do They Matter?

There simply is no longer any doubt that the gut microbiome is central to the health or disease state of the host. This is no longer a concept or hypothesis discussed amongst functional and integrative practitioners but has now become amongst the hottest areas of conventional medical research.... read more »

The Role of Parasitic Infections in Chronic Health Imbalance

Learn More About GI-MAP Health Optimization with the GI-MAP™Part Two of a Four-Part Series From fatigue to skin rashes to back pain and constipation, most patients suffering from significant parasitic infections have complex symptoms that may be confusing at first glance. In this webinar,... read more »