- Current GI-MAP Turnaround Time: 7–10 Business Days

Webinars & Podcasts

Rational Wellness Podcast 041: The Microbiota and Autoimmune Disease with Dr. David Brady

Dr. David Brady discusses the microbiota, autoimmune diseases, and stool analysis with Dr. Ben Weitz.   More information »  

Breakthroughs in GI Testing and Treatments Using the GI-MAP Test

Dr. Kalish will review the latest technological innovation in functional medicine lab testing, DNA based GI pathogen testing, the GI MAP. During this webinar learn how to combine lab interpretation with protocol design for you to apply in your practice. Come refine your clinical skills and learn... read more »

GI-MAP Roundtable Q&A with Dr Brady, Dr Jurgelewicz and Tony Hoffman

We think it is fair to say the GI-MAP has shaken up the diagnostic testing scene. The technology and methodology - while commonplace in microbiome research, and more recently in primary care for the identification of parasites and pathogens in the NHS - is revolutionising global healthcare... read more »