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We Believe That Every Patient Should Achieve Optimal Health

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, located in Atlanta Georgia, was founded to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and the clinical laboratory. Our commitment is to serve the clinical needs of the health care provider with cutting-edge laboratory medicine by utilizing proven methodologies that are accurate and reliable. By working with experienced clinicians and opinion leaders throughout multiple medical disciplines we are able to build assays that are clinically relevant and provide actionable results.

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Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory Offers Testing Designed to Enhance the Practice of Personalized Medicine

We are pleased to offer clinicians the first of many advances, the GI-MAP. The GI-MAP (GI-Microbial Assay Plus) stool test utilizes cutting edge, Quantitative PCR technology to provide a true DNA/PCR based stool analysis which provides actionable information to the clinician regarding the microbiota and how it relates to many inflammatory, autoimmune, metabolic, cardiovascular, and other chronic diseases. This technology has high sensitivity, specificity and a rapid turnaround.

Learn about additional testing options, including tests for H. pylori, Pathogens (stool), GenomicInsight, OMX Organic Metabolomics, IgG Food Explorer, IgE Allergy Explorer, and the Cytokine Response Profile on our test menu.

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Our commitment to quality and service is unparalleled. Our highly experienced scientists have developed over 500 assays in their careers. They are empowered to validate every analyte and use the best methodology available to be sure the results you receive are accurate and precise.

Our production team adheres to the strictest standards with an emphasis on quality and a realization that every sample belongs to a patient.

Our customer service and technical support teams are dedicated to helping patients, clinicians and their staff understand our testing and the process of working with Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory in a seamless manner.

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Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is CLIA Certified

In addition to our internal quality control and validation processes, Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is CLIA certified. CLIA certification ensures that our laboratory meets or exceeds U.S. standards set for laboratory excellence.