- Current GI-MAP Turnaround Time: 5–7 Business Days

Our Current Tests

GI-MAP Comprehensive Stool Test

GI-MAP | GI Microbial Assay Plus

Fully quantitative PCR DNA analysis of the microbiome. Includes beneficial and pathogenic bacteria, yeast, parasites and viruses. Also assesses intestinal health markers for digestion, absorption, immunology, and inflammation.

h pylori

H. pylori Profile

DNA analysis for H. pylori, antibiotic resistance genes, and virulence factors (optional).

Giardia Intestinalis Protozoan

Pathogens Panel (stool)

Quantitative PCR analysis for bacterial, parasitic and viral pathogens.

TruGene - Genomic Health

Experience the Difference of AI-Powered DNA Testing with GenomicInsight

GenomicInsight Genomic Health Profile powered by Opus23 Explorer. Unlike any other DNA test on the market, Genomic Insight uses the most advanced artificial intelligence to allow clinicians unique insight into patient genomics.

Cytokine Response Profile

Assesses 16 key serum cytokines. Assesses pro-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory cytokine balance, allows practitioners to determine efficacy of immune balancing and modulating approaches.