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Lab Mailing Address

5895 Shiloh Rd Ste 101
​Alpharetta, GA 30005

 Inquiries: cs@diagnosticsolutionslab.com
 Phone: 877.485.5336
 Fax: 470.239.5017

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Patients FAQ

Can I order testing directly from Diagnostic Solutions?

A physician’s order is required to order testing from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory.

Do you provide results directly to patients?

  • We can provide results directly to patients. Diagnostic Solutions recommends receiving your results through your clinician to help in understanding/interpreting the meaning of the results.
  • If you choose to receive your results directly from DSL we must first verify your identification.
  • Please contact a member of our customer service team at 877-485-5336. We can provide you with the needed documentation. Once we receive the completed form we will process and release results within one week.

What are the Test Kit collection requirements?

  • Test kits come with collection instructions for the patient.
  • If you cannot ship the specimen on the day of collection, please refrigerate the sample.
  • Stool specimens should be received by lab within 6 days of collection for optimal results. 

Additional stool collection instructions

Is the patient responsible for postage?

  • No, test kits include a pre-paid envelope if mailed in the U.S.
  • International customers must pay for shipping unless prior contract exists.

Can I drop off test kit at local FedEx office?

Yes, please follow the packing and shipping instructions provided with the test kit. 

Are you In-Network for insurance companies?

  • We are a Medicare provider.
  • We are not contracted with any commercial insurance plans.
  • We are considered Out-of-Network but many plans recognize our specialized testing.

Do I need to stop taking any of my medications before I collect my GI-MAP sample?

No. Please continue taking all medications as directed by your doctor.

I accidentally threw out test kit box. Can I use different box?

Yes, use any clean small box.

Absorbent Material missing:

Not needed, but you can use a napkin/paper towel.

I sealed bag but forgot to put the paperwork in kit. Can I reopen?

Yes, just tape to reclose. 

My test kit did not have a Test Requisition Form.

Patient should call the ordering clinician for a Test Requisition Form. 

I spilled some of the liquid from the collection vial. What should I do?

If you only spilled a small amount, you can still use the vial. Be sure to only fill the vial to the RED fill line. If you spilled a large amount or you feel you need a new vial, please contact your clinician or call Diagnostic Solutions for a replacement vial.

Can I ship my stool specimen on Friday?

Yes, it is ok to ship stool specimens to us on Friday. The lab receives specimens 5 days a week. We only require that the specimen be received within 6 days after collection. Keep sample refrigerated if it is collected over the weekend and ship promptly on Monday.