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AAp - Amino Acids Profile

– Plasma Amino Acids

A Metabolomic Profile that Offers Key Insights into a Patient's Metabolic Signature

The Amino Acid Profile from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory uses a systems-biology approach to evaluate essential and non-essential amino acids in plasma. Plasma amino acids generally exhibit low variation within individuals, with essential amino acids maintaining a relatively steady state. Excessive or insufficient amino acid levels may be the result of an imbalanced diet or changes in requirements due to genetic variants, disease, or impaired metabolism.

The Amino Acid Profile aids in identifying nutrient status, imbalances, and the flow of catabolic pathways. In addition, amino acid testing assesses key functional areas of support, such as meat intake and urea processing, which can help practitioners target protocols to optimize patient outcomes.

Amino Acids Assessment

What Are the Benefits of Amino Acid Testing?

Amino acids play a primary role in human health and physiology. They are the building blocks of proteins and polypeptides.1 Amino acids are substrates of compounds such as neurotransmitters, thyroid hormones, and melatonin, as well as supporting conjugation, glucuronidation, and the Krebs cycle.

Amino acid levels can impact metabolic function and cardiovascular, brain, and immune health.2

Evaluating amino acids in plasma allows practitioners to view key metabolic pathways, identifying areas of dysfunction that can be early predictors of disease.*

The Amino Acid Profile identifies metabolomic perturbations that can be addressed using personalized-medicine interventions, including dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplementation with amino acids or nutrient co-factors.



Metabolomics Testing of Amino Acids Furthers the Practice of Precision Medicine

“Metabolomics, which is defined as the comprehensive analysis of metabolites in a biological specimen, is an emerging technology that holds promise to inform the practice of precision medicine. Historically, small numbers of metabolites have been used to diagnose complex metabolic diseases as well as monogenic disorders such as inborn errors of metabolism.
Consequently, metabolomics affords detailed characterization of metabolic phenotypes and can enable precision medicine at a number of levels, including the characterization of metabolic derangements that underlie disease… ”
National Institutes of Health

Why Choose the Amino Acids Profile from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory?

Personalized Medicine

The analytes on the Amino Acids Profile are listed together by pathway with associated enzymes and co-factors.

The front page of the report provides a focused overview of five functional categories that practitioners can use to easily review results with each patient. Personalized treatment recommendations, based on findings, are conveniently summarized on the last page.

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The Amino Acids Profile is Categorized by the Following Key Functional Areas of Patient Health:

  • 1Metabolic Processing
  • 2Amino Acid & Protein Metabolism
  • 3Nutrition (Meat Intake)


Who Can Benefit from the Plasma Amino Acids Profile?

The Plasma Amino Acids Profile pinpoints areas of insufficiency, excess, or dysfunction that have been associated with a wide range of conditions.*

Human Health Insight

Practitioners Can Use the Amino Acids Profile to Optimize Patient Health in Conditions Such As:

  • Dysmetabolism, prediabetes, and diabetes
  • Weight changes and obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Athletic performance
  • Poor immune function
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Maldigestion/malabsorption and associated conditions
  • Insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes
  • Renal and liver dysfunction


Are You a Patient?

A healthcare practitioner will need to order the test for you. That can be your own doctor, or you can contact us so we can help you find a practitioner in your area.

Optimizing Your Health

We know you want to be proactive about your health. The Amino Acids Profile can help your doctor evaluate how you function to either optimize your current health or identify health issues that need attention.

At Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, we believe in the practice of personalized medicine. Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals through research-based testing and treatment protocols tailored to your unique needs.

Doctor's Orders

Ask your practitioner about the Amino Acids Profile, and how it can help you achieve better health!



  • MS/MS – The newer testing results in significant increases in sensitivity & specificity, and increased reproducibility.

Specimen Requirements

  • Blood Plasma – Patient must have fasted for the past eight (8) hours.
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* Amino Acids Profile - Plasma testing is not intended for disease diagnosis. Information provided by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory does not constitute medical advice; but is for educational purposes only. Services provided are for laboratory testing only. No charge is incurred for ordering collection kits.

Sample Report

Amino Acids Profile

Amino Acids Profile - Sample Report

View this multi-paged sample report that features a simple to understand overview of a patient's metabolic signature and health target results. Each analyte and enzyme pathway is also reported line-by-line, followed by personalized metabolic recommendations.