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OAp - Organic Acids Profile

– First Morning Void

Going Beyond Nutritional Testing with Metabolomics

The Organic Acids Profile from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory uses an easy-to-collect, first morning void specimen to evaluate organic acids in urine. Test results highlight areas of dysfunction that can be impacted by epigenetic, nutritional, environmental, lifestyle, and other key factors.

Urine organic acids testing can help practitioners identify dysfunction in key metabolic pathways. Dysfunctional metabolic pathways can negatively impact mood, energy production, and overall health while also providing insight into nutrient insufficiency, diet composition, toxic exposures, and microbial metabolism.

The personalized information generated in the Organic Acids Profile test report can establish a patient's baseline status and help practitioners customize protocols.


Organic Acids Assessment

What Are the Benefits of Organic Acids Testing?

Organic acid testing provides insight into how well patients function metabolically. Practitioners can use insights from the Organic Acid Profile to personalize protocols to help patients improve dysfunctional pathways that may be contributing to current or future disease states.

Benefits of Organic Acid Testing Include:

  • Organic acids are efficiently excreted through the kidneys as end products of metabolism. Evaluating organic acids in urine is a preferred and easy-to-collect testing option.
  • Organic acids are produced endogenously during normal cellular metabolism and require dietary-derived vitamins, minerals, and other compounds as processing cofactors. Organic acid testing provides practitioners with essential clues for targeted supplementation.
  • Catabolic products of essential amino acids in urine may help to identify the flow of dysfunctional metabolic pathways. Amino acid breakdown products can help gain insight into:
    • Nutrient cofactor needs
    • Methylation
    • Catecholamine turnover
    • Glutathione status
    • Level of Inflammation
  • The Organic Acid Profile evaluates imbalances in the Krebs Cycle intermediate organic acids. Understanding imbalances in the Krebs Cycle can help identify location of impaired flow and possible impacts of the pathways.
  • The Organic Acid Profile helps Identify impacts on stress and mood disorders by providing information on neurotransmitter turnover and cortisol levels.
  • Gut bacteria produce organic acids during their metabolic processing. Identification of these unique compounds can indicate potential gut-microbiome imbalances.



Metabolomics Testing of Organic Acids Furthers the Practice of Precision Medicine

“Metabolomics, a 'budding' discipline, may accurately reflect a specific phenotype which is sensitive to genetic and epigenetic interactions. This rapidly evolving field in science has been proposed as a tool for the evaluation of the effects of epigenetic factors, such as nutrition, environment, drug and lifestyle on phenotype. Urine, being sterile, is easy to obtain and as it contains metabolized or non metabolized products, is a favored study material in the field of metabolomics.”
U.S. National Library of Medicine 2

Why Choose the Organic Acids Profile from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory?

Personalized Medicine

The analytes on the Organic Acids Profile are listed together by pathway with associated enzymes and nutrient cofactors. Personalized treatment recommendations, based on findings, are conveniently summarized on the test report.

The front page of the report provides a quick, graphical interpretation that practitioners can use to easily review results with patients. See the Organic Acids Profile Sample Report for more details.

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The Organic Acids Profile is Categorized by the Following Key Functional Areas of Patient Health:

  • 1Metabolic Processing
  • 2Amino Acid & Protein Metabolism
  • 3Nutrition


Who Can Benefit from the Organic Acids Profile?

The Organic Acids Profile helps practitioners quickly identify dysfunctions that have been associated with a wide range of conditions. The test report has been designed to help practitioners establish a patient baseline and to identify possible core issues in those with health conditions.

Human Health Insight

Metabolomics Research Has Evaluated the Following Conditions Associated With Organic Acid Testing:

  • Dysmetabolism, prediabetes, and diabetes
  • Weight changes and obesity
  • Fatigue
  • Athletic performance
  • Poor immune function
  • Depression and anxiety
  • GI microbial activity
  • Renal and liver dysfunction


Are You a Patient? We're Here to Help

The Organic Acids Profile needs to be ordered by a practitioner. Your doctor can order the test for you, or we can help you find a functional medicine provider in your area.

Optimizing Your Health

We know you want to be proactive about your health. The Amino Acids Profile can help your doctor evaluate how you function to either optimize your current health or identify health issues that need attention.

We believe in empowering patients to achieve their health goals. Functional medicine testing, like the Organic Acids Profile, can help your doctor discover why you're not feeling well or help you maintain, or even improve, your current state of good health.

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is committed to providing the best functional medicine testing so that your doctor can get provide precision-based protocols suited to your unique needs.

Doctor's Orders

Ask your practitioner about the Organic Acids Profile, and how it can help you achieve better health!



  • MS/MS – The newer testing results in significant increases in sensitivity & specificity, and increased reproducibility.

Specimen Requirements

  • Urine – First-Morning-Void
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Additional Profiles That Include Organic Acids Analysis


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* Organic Acids Profile testing is not intended for disease diagnosis. Information provided by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory does not constitute medical advice; but is for educational purposes only. Services provided are for laboratory testing only. No charge is incurred for ordering collection kits.

Sample Report

Organic Acids Profile

Organic Acids Profile - Sample Report

View this multi-paged sample report that features a simple to understand overview of a patient's metabolic signature and health target results. Each analyte and enzyme pathway is also reported line-by-line, followed by personalized metabolic recommendations.