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Webinars & Podcasts

Beyond Organic Acids – Assessing Gut Health with Metabolomics Testing

Join Betsy Redmond, PhD. MMSc, RD, for an exciting webinar discussing the role metabolomic testing plays in evaluating gut health. Metabolomics can help clinicians better identify areas of concern and reveal early dysfunctions. Organic acid and amino acids can inform gut health and function,... read more »

Pediatrics and GI-MAP - Assessing Gut Health in Children

Join Amy Rolfsen, ND, as she teaches how to use the GI-MAP test in pediatric and infant patients. Infants and children suffering from gut dysfunction may present with a constellation of symptoms, including allergies, eczema, cognitive impairments and more. In this presentation, Dr. Rolfsen will... read more »

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: A Multi-OMICS Approach

Join Chief Medical Officer of Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, Dr. David Brady, as he presents “Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: A Multi-OMICS Approach.” Depression, anxiety, and stress-related conditions impact almost 40 million Americans each year. With so many patients suffering, practitioners... read more »

New Perspectives in IBS & SIBO - Connecting the Dots with GI-MAP

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) are commonly-diagnosed conditions, and yet it is often challenging for practitioners to help patients with these conditions to achieve satisfactory, long-term symptom improvement. Advances in research have led to... read more »

How Advanced Stool Testing Can Offer Deeper Insight into Metabolomics

Metabolomics Masterclass Series Join Dr. Dan Kalish as he connects the dots between the GI-MAP stool test and the Microbial Metabolites section of the OMX™ Organic Metabolomics test. Combining the analysis of GI-MAP markers including pathogens, yeast, commensal, and dysbiotic bacteria with... read more »

Organic Acid and Amino Acid Testing: Applying Metabolomics in Practice

Metabolomics Masterclass Series Join Dr. Dan Kalish as he walks practitioners through the most common applications of metabolomics testing. Learn to identify and reverse chronic inflammatory states that are often present in patients with chronic health complaints. The OMX™ Organic... read more »

Food Sensitivities & The Small Intestine: New Insights into The Microbiome-Immune Connection

Immune-mediated food reactions, which involve excessive immune responses to harmless food antigens, are major contributors to common gastrointestinal complaints. Emerging research is yielding exciting new insights into the key role that microbiome-immune interactions play in influencing the... read more »

Metabolomics 101 - An Introduction to Advanced Metabolomics Testing

Metabolomics Masterclass Series   This live webinar has ended. Please check back in 1–2 days to access the webinar recording   Now Available On-demand Join Dr. Dan Kalish as he teaches practitioners how to apply metabolomics testing into day-to-day practice. While the... read more »

Developments in Metabolomics – Dietary Insights & Impacts for Clinical Practice

Precision nutrition utilizes -omics techniques to personalize diets. Organic metabolomic testing plays a key role in clinical practice. It identifies current individual biological status that reflects diet, lifestyle, genetics, and gut bacteria to reveal a patient’s metabolic signature. Different... read more »