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Personalized Medicine

What is Personalized Medicine?

Personalized or precision medicine is a healthcare model that customizes treatment to the needs of each patient. 

Traditional medicine often relies on a standard of care that is geared toward an entire patient population. For example, patients with the same symptoms may be prescribed a standard antibiotic used to eradicate a suspected infection.

One patient may respond to the antibiotic, but the other may remain symptomatic. The different outcomes occur because every patient is unique. Patient A may have one infection, but Patient B may have the same infection and a co-infection or a parasite.

In the absence of highly specific and quantitative testing results, the differences between Patient A and Patient B are obscured.

Personalized medicine offers clarity. Every patient is viewed individually. Testing targets the underlying causes of patient complaints. Results allow practitioners to tailor treatment that includes information about the patient’s antibiotic resistance genes, virulence factors, and genomics.

Personalized medicine is not a one-size-fits-all treatment paradigm. It is precision medicine at its best and is the future of all medicine.


Laboratory Testing Furthers the Practice of Precision Medicine

In precision medicine, each patient is observed individually.

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory testing can identify the underlying root causes of symptoms and shed insight into what antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, or pharmacogenomics will work in synergy with the patient’s unique microbiome, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and antibiotic resistance genes.

Test results provide functional medicine practitioners the tools needed to personalize treatment for optimized patient outcomes.


Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory Offers Testing Options that Facilitate the Practice of Personalized Medicine, Including:


GI-MAP™ – GI Microbial Assay Plus

DNA Stool Analysis by qPCR

Learn More About GI-MAPThe GI-MAP is a comprehensive stool analysis that looks at DNA and uses quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) technology to evaluate gut pathogens, bacterial infections, viruses, and parasites.

Unlike other comprehensive stool testing offered the market, the GI-MAP identifies the quantitative value corresponding to each biomarker. This quantitative analysis allows practitioners to see how high or low a value is and whether it needs to be treated. The positive and negative values other stool testing analysis provide lack this specificity.

The GI-MAP uses qPCR technology that looks at the DNA of the pathogens within the gut (rather than the DNA of the patient). This gene-sequencing technology offers unmatched insight into precisely what is occurring in a patient’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Treatment progress can be monitored on retests by viewing whether the quantitative value of a biomarker has responded to treatment.

The GI-MAP also reports on antibiotic resistance and virulence factors, helping to take the guesswork out of treatment. The gut is highly complex; and, the GI-MAP optimizes the practitioner’s ability to practice personalized, precision medicine by reporting on the specific DNA findings within a patient’s microbiome.


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GenomicInsight ® – Powered by Opus23 Explorer

The Science of Precision Medicine

Learn More About GenomicInsightGenomicInsight is our latest precision-based medicine test, and is a clinical DNA test that analyzes single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).

While all humans share a similar genome, individual differences occur from human to human. GenomicInsight identifies the SNPs that represent these differences. Opus23 Explorer is an AI-powered informatics platform that allows practitioners to view over 5,000 SNPS that impact over a dozen areas of patient health using one comprehensive data file.

GenomicInsight allows practitioners to take personalized medicine and precision medicine to the next level. Curated reports identify what disease risks a patient may have, what nutraceutical or pharmacological drugs their genome will best react to, and what lifestyle factors can help prevent a harmful gene from expressing itself.

In the field of DNA testing and precision medicine, GenomicInsight is the most dynamic and comprehensive test available. Practitioners can now use the genome, unique to each patient, to influence critical areas of patient health, including methylation, hormone metabolism, aging, detoxification, HPA-Axis, and more.

Precision medicine practitioners are embracing the field of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics uses nutrition to influence a patient’s unique genome to treat or prevent disease. DNA testing and clinical understanding of the human genome is the epitome of personalized medicine.


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OMX ™ – Organic Metabolomics

An Advanced Organic Acids and Amino Acids Profile – Reveal Your Metabolic Signature

Learn More About OMX Organic Metabolomics OMX™ metabolomic testing goes beyond traditional organic acid testing. OMX characterizes metabolic phenotypes by presenting analytes in pathway categories to more easily identify metabolomic deviations that can underlie—and even precede—disease.

Organic acids and other small molecules are intermediate compounds that can define the efficient flow of pathways and substrates such as amino acids to reveal the level of inputs, which together establish the functional status of key areas of health.

Metabolites are impacted by many factors and can change in response to diet, nutrient status, toxin exposures, exercise, physiologic demands, genetics, gut microbiome alterations, or disease stage.

Metabolic analysis can help clinicians evaluate the function of key pathways to better target support.


Learn More About OMX Organic Metabolomics


H. pylori Panel

Definitive Results from One Biopsy

Learn More About the H. pylori Profile Personalized medicine is not just for functional or integrative medicine practitioners. Gastroenterologists also rely on the accuracy and precision of DNA technology when diagnosing patients.

The H. pylori Panel provides definitive results from one biopsy.

The H. pylori Panel also relies on qPCR technology and identifies H. pylori infections using DNA testing. Gastroenterologists love the H. pylori panel because they can perform the test quickly and easily while running other in-office GI testing.

Test results that provide antibiotic-resistance genes and virulence factors allow gastroenterologists to personalize results for their patients. The H. pylori Panel allows gastroenterologists to incorporate DNA technology and precision medicine into their practice.


Learn More About H. pylori Profile


CytoDx® – Cytokine Response Profile

Assess Systemic Immune Status

Learn More About CytoDx The CytoDx Panel evaluates cytokines, which are key mediators in many immune responses. Studies indicate that cytokine imbalance plays a key role in chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune conditions are prevalent throughout the world. Evaluation of the cytokine response can help practitioners assess immune status and personalize medicine by linking the critical gut-immune connection.


Learn More About CytoDx


Pathogens Panel (Stool)

Identify Pathogenic Organisms with DNA qPCR Stool Analysis

Learn More About the Pathogens Panel The Pathogens Panel uses the same DNA/qPCR technology as the GI-MAP to measure symptom-inducing gut infections, including bacterial and parasitic infections. 

If you suspect your patient is suffering from an acute or chronic gut infection (bacterial, parasitic, or viral), the Pathogens Panel will identify the specific infection so you can target personalized treatment protocols geared toward infection resolution.


Learn More About Pathogens Panel

Personalized Medicine – Looking Ahead 

Patients are becoming more involved in their own healthcare. They are learning about the power of personalized medicine. Our goal is to arm you with the testing you need to further your personalized medicine practice and meet your patients needs.

Looking ahead, you can expect us to continue to forge ahead in the field of personalized medicine.

We hear from practitioners every day about how precision medicine based on reliable laboratory testing changes patient outcomes. You can rely on us to press on and offer new and enhanced testing tools that further our shared passion for personalized medicine.


The GI-MAP from Diagnostics Solutions Labs is one of the best tools for testing for H.pylori.
- Healthcare Professional – Understanding H. Pylori on the GI-MAP Test