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AAMP Virtual Conference & Expo

Friday, May 21, 2021 - 8:00 am to Sunday, May 23, 2021 - 6:00 pm


Virtual Conference

Advanced Infectious Disease Management

This CME event will focus on the clinical management of people suffering from chronic infectious diseases. AAMP will look at this often-perplexing clinical area from the point of view of "stepping above" the labels ("Lyme", "EBV", "Candida" etc.) and delve into the reasons these patients often do not improve. Areas such as immune disrupters, comorbidities, enhanced assessment strategies and integrative therapies will be covered.

AAMP Spring Conference 2021 is designed to bring expert speakers who deal with these diagnoses and can demystify and clarify assessment, therapy, and troubleshooting.


Information & Registration

Please visit the Diagnostic Solutions team at our virtual booth!

Focus Areas:

  • Focus-1: Viral Infections
  • Focus-2: Fungal, Parasitic and Other Infections
  • Focus-3: Borrelia (Lyme), Co-infections and Superinfection
  • Focus-4: Clinical Management

Management Areas:

  • Proper laboratory assessment
  • Whole person health assessment and monitoring (beyond ID)
  • Infectious agent therapies to marginalize or eradicate
  • Strengthening the immune system to resist reinfection
  • Dealing with biofilms and resistance factors
  • Proper treatment of comorbid areas during ID therapies
  • Patient motivation & management

Diagnostics and Therapeutics:

  • ID Lab Assessment
  • Endocrine, GI, Immune and other contributory area assessment
  • Therapies using:

    • Rx. Anti-infective agents
    • Natural Anti-infective agents
    • Rx and Natural (Herbal, Nutrient, Homeopathic, etc.) supportive therapies
    • IV and Injection Therapies
    • BHRT and other Compounded Medications
    • Diet and Lifestyle Modifications

  • Emerging and traditional therapies:

    • Heat / Hyperthermia
    • Photodynamic Therapies
    • Immunotherapies

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