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Implementing GI-MAP in Clinical Practice

Learn how to integrate the GI-MAP® stool test into a busy clinical practice to achieve life-changing clinical results for patients. Stool test results can be overwhelming to interpret and creating an easy patient program from a set of complex lab values can be challenging. Please join Dr.... read more »

Hormonal Dysfunction Through the Genomic Lens

Personalizing Hormonal Function The human endocrine system is one of the most complex in the body with multiple exogenous and endogenous inputs having various influences on the output, essentially creating our male or female hormonal picture. Experienced practitioners can attest that individuals... read more »

Understanding and Overcoming Antibiotic Resistance in the GI Tract

Please watch this recent presentation as Dr. Amy Rolfsen explains the basics of antibiotic resistance and introduces the concept of natural synergists to overcome bacterial resistance mechanisms. Dr. Rolfsen will review: The mechanisms of antibiotic resistance How to interpret the antibiotic... read more »